Jasmine.  The smell of Jasmine floods my brain with the beginnings of Spring, warmer days and magical blossoms wherever you turn your head. The fragrance of Jasmine is so sublime, almost noble. It conjures up images of beautiful castles adorned and draped with masses of beautiful little white flowers that intoxicate the air of early mornings and evenings.
When I was first introduced to Aromatherapy massage, Jasmine was the essential oil that was used for my initial treatments.  I was hooked! It not only helped me to relax and de-stress, the smell of Jasmine lifted my spirits and made me feel excited about life. I decided to study Aromatherapy and in 1999 I qualified as a Therapeutic Aromatherapist and set up my practice in Johannesburg.
During my years in practice, my clients would often ask me to recommend products, make products for them and even suggest that I produce a range of specially formulated products, which is what I’ve done, slowly over the years.
Quite early in my life I developed a passion for holistic health and all the modalities that contribute to natural, healthy and whole lifestyles.  I have completed several diplomas in Aromatherapy, Nutrition and Herbalism and have read and researched extensively (and continue to do so) on various alternative healing methods such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Epigenitics, Neurplasticity and many more. I enjoy helping people find natural ways to enhance and maximise their health.