Alternative Therapies

Two main systems of healthcare exist, namely conventional Western Medicine and alternative medicine. With conventional medicine, doctors rely on drugs and surgery to treat disease symptoms. Conventional medicine is excellent in dealing with acute medical conditions and traumatic injury, as well as in providing emergency treatment. But alternative medicine has a lot to offer. It is excellent in dealing with chronic degenerative diseases like heart disease, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and common ailments like asthma, gastrointestinal disorders and headaches. Alternative medicine is more cost effective in the long term because it treats the causes of disease rather than only the symptoms. Alternative therapies work by assisting your body to heal itself. More and more people are becoming disillusioned by conventional medicine and are exploring alternative therapies instead.

Therapies such as Homeopathy, Mind/Body Medicine, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Chiropractic, Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Light Therapy, Hydrotherapy, are becoming increasingly popular as people look at healthier methods of healing.

Different methods work for different people, so I will endeavour to provide information on natural or alternative therapies, helping you to decide on treatments that will benefit you. We are all biochemically unique, so there is no single approach that works for all people or with all conditions and this applies to both conventional medicine as well as alternative medicine.

Enjoy the journey of finding a better way of healing for you.