Helichrysum italicum

This is such an absolutely gorgeous oil, but because it takes a ton of flowers to produce one kilogram of essential oil, it is unfortunately quite expensive. However buying a small bottle of Helichrysum essential oil is a perfectly wonderful and wise investment to make. 

One of the most valuable benefits of Helichrysum is that it promotes healthy new cell and tissue production. It can be applied neat to skin burns to support the healing process. It can be added to your skin lotion or cream to promote smooth skin and regeneration of skin cells. If your skin is inflamed, a blend of Helichrysum, Lavender and Chamomile essential oils in some aloe vera gel or Calendula oil will help ease the inflammation. This will help ease rashes, hives and skin irritation from shaving too.

If you have bruising or swelling from an injury, applying a drop or two of Helichrysum in a Calendula or Grapeseed carrier oil, and rubbed gently into the area, will help with regeneration of the cells and tissue, encouraging the flow of oxygen and support healing.

With holidays nearly here and long sunny days on the beach ahead, sunburn is inevitable for some people. Mix a drop or two of Helichrysum oil and 2 drops Lavender essential oil into a some coconut oil and apply to sunburnt skin for gentle relief and healing of the skin.

Helichrysum has strong antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and is a good remedy for acne without drying out the skin. Adding a drop to your morning and evening moisturiser before applying to your face will be very helpful.

I have used Helichrysum effectively on my grand-daughter when she’s struggled with stomach ache.  I’ve added a drop to some carrier oil and massaged it in a clockwise direction into her tummy. It is a wonderful oil to help stimulate the secretion of the gastric juices needed to break down food and prevent indigestion. It helps calm and ease stomach cramps and upsets. Because much of the immune system is affected by the health of the gut, the healing properties of Helichrysum help boost immunity and inhibit harmful bacteria and viruses.

Research has also indicated that a blend of Helichrysum essential oil and Lavender essential oil in a carrier oil, massaged into the muscles, helps ease pain and inflammation and improves circulation. It promotes healing of nerves, joints and muscle tissue making it helpful in treating the symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia and muscle stress from exercise.

Pregnant women, breastfeeding moms and children should avoid using Helichrysum without consulting a professional healthcare practitioner first.

Remember to always apply a small amount of essential oil on a patch of skin to test for any reactions before applying it elsewhere.