Everyone is vulnerable to the stresses of everyday life. We accumulate stored tension over time, resulting in a decline in the body’s efficiency. When the point of stress overload is reached, the stress becomes “locked” into the body and manifests as lines of tension. This causes nerve irritation and may even result in blocked nerve path-ways, causing discomfort, pain, illness, listlessness and exhaustion. Symptoms such as stiffness, muscle and joint pain, general tiredness or several other aches may be as a result of stress being “locked” into the body.

Body stress in the spine has the most far-reaching effects as each spinal nerve is linked to both surface and internal muscle tissue and organs. Loss of flexibility, postural distortion, pain and numbness may be stress related. Headaches, migraines, indigestion, cramps, painful feet may also be as a result of locked-in stress.

Emotional and mental stress such as financial worries, relationship problems, workplace stress, shock, depression, trauma may all contribute to the accumulation of stored stress in the body. Besides consciously learning to relax and take up techniques to assist us with emotional balance and inner peace, Body Stress Release can effectively assist in releasing deep set stress.

Working with the body’s natural desire to reduce stress, BSR is a gentle procedure that does not require force. BSR helps to restore communication within all parts of the body, assisting with the release of stress and healing of damaged tissue. The principal behind the therapy is to help the body heal itself. Practitioners locate the lines of tension and locked-in stress in the body and release these by using a gentle but precise stimulus. Recent stress may be released fairly quickly, but accumulated stress may take a number of appointments to gently get the muscles back to their normal tone.

For further information and to locate a practitioner in your area, go to www.bodystressrelease.co.za

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