Boswelia carteri

Family:  Burseraceae

Typical Chemical Composition: a-pinene (1.0 – 4.6%); a-thujene )0.0 – 1.5%); octyl acetate (50 – 60%); octanol (3.5 – 12.7%); incenysl acetate (3.0 – 4.1%); incensol (2.1 – 2.7%); limonene (1.7 – 2.4%); linalool (0.2 – 2.5%); cembrene (<2.3%); isocembrene (<1.8%); cineole (<1.6%); (E)-B-ocimene (1.5 – 1.5%)


This is one of my favourite essential oils. Frankincense essential oil comes from a small tree in the north of Africa. The tree produces a resin from which the essential oil is extracted. It has a sweet, warm aroma which is very comforting.

The resin he been used for many centuries in temples and churches and was among the most prized and costly substances in ancient times. One of Frankincense’s beautiful properties is its ability to slow down and deepen the breath and produce feelings of calm, which are very conducive to prayer and meditation. It was also sought after for use in perfume, cosmetics and medicine, and the Egyptians used it in embalming.

It is a valuable oil to use for respiratory infections, helping calm the coughing in chronic bronchitis. Use it in inhalations, baths and massages. In a blend with cypress it is very effective for asthma. A drop or two of each on a tissue for inhalations will be very helpful. It helps slow and deepen breathing. Steam inhalations may have an adverse effect for asthma, so best to take caution with this method.

In skincare, Frankincense is particularly helpful for older skins, helping to tone the skin and slow down the appearance of wrinkles. Add a drop or two to your night cream. It has also been used to lighten sun spots as well as heal scars from acne.

Frankincense is one of the essential oils I use in my Skin Repair cream. Inbox me for details if you’re interesting in purchasing.

Frankincense has a wonderful calming effect on the emotions and is often used in meditation. It has been used to restore calm after a trauma or stressful situation. Add two drops of Frankincense and two drops of lavender to 15ml carrier oil or a deeply relaxing massage. Dab a drop or two on your chest or a drop at the back of the neck;  it’s soothing effect will help you deal with a stressful day more efficiently.

Frankincense has strong anti-inflammatory properties. If you suffer from arthritis, rub a few drops of the oil into the area.  It can also be applied directly to wounds and bites, as you would with Lavender. It is a powerful antiseptic.