We are so excited to advise of the launch of our newly formulated Mozzie Mist just in time for the rest of the summer months!  We’ve kept the ingredients much the same but have added a tweak here and there to improve the formulation and make using it an even more enjoyable experience. You’ll find the Mozzie Mist lighter in fragrance, less sticky on the skin now which, although most people didn’t mind this, we did feel ought to be a consideration during our reformulation., We have included some superb new natural ingredients and are confident that you’ll find the Mozzie Mist even more effective than its original formulation. 

We have also changed the clear bottles to darker bottles to help preserve the essential oils in the Mozzie Mist for a longer period.  It now comes in only two sizes, namely 100ml and 200ml bottles.

Please do give us feedback on how you like the new product and a big thank you to those who tested it for us and gave it a five gold star status ! We really appreciate customer suggestions and input, and your continued support of Charlene Meyer Aromatherapy.

With love and blessings to you all