Active Ingredients

Salvia Sclarea



Clary Sage

Country of Origin:  Austria

Parts of Plant Used: Leaves, Flowers, Buds – Steam Distillation

Clary Sage is often used to boost self-esteem, confidence and mental strength. Depression, anxiety, feelings of loneliness seem to respond well to the use of Clary Sage. If you’re feeling stressed, Clary Sage is a good oil to use in your diffuser.

Clary Sage is effective at lowering blood pressure, which makes it suitable to use in massage treatments for people with high blood pressure. In a massage blend it will also help to soothe sore muscles.

Used in skin care products, Clary Sage’s antioxidant and astringent properties have a reputation to tone and strengthen the skin. Add a few drops to your daily moisturiser.

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