Active Ingredients

Juniperus Communis




Juniper Berry

Country of Origin: Morocco

Parts of plant used: Berries – Steam Distilled

Juniper Berry’s detoxifying and cleansing properties make it an ideal essential oil to use when embarking on a cleansing programme. It has a lovely fresh, uplifting and slightly spicy aroma which will set you in the right mood for a detox. Juniper Berry is one of the best diuretic oils and in Ayurvedic medicine is used for treating various fluid retention conditions such as edema, urinary tract infection, cystitis and rheumatism amongst others. It will help promote elimination of excess water, uric acid, and toxins.

Used in a diffuser or as an inhalation, Juniper Berry is said to help release negative feelings, alleviate stress and tension, as well as increase creativity.

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