Rosmarinus officinalis

You can cook with it, bake with it, bath with it, dry it out and make oils, soaps and salts with it, you can put it into diffusers and breathe it in, you can add the essential oil to your cleaning materials …. Rosemary is one of the most incredible and versatile herbs to have in your garden. If you don’t have a garden, it grows very well in pots too!

It is enchanting, aromatic, flavourful, medicinal, woody, delicate yet strong and sturdy. Rosemary is a beautiful shrub with pale blue flowers and long, needle-like leaves.

Rosemary essential oil is pale-yellow to colourless with a strong, fresh, woody and almost camphor aroma and has wonderful properties.  It is effective as an antiseptic, antibacterial and anti fungal .

Added to a carrier oil and applied topically, Rosemary can be used as an effective treatment for muscle pain and arthritis. Include a couple of drops of Lavender to the blend and the properties are increased.  To 20ml of carrier oil such as Sweet Almond or Grapeseed oil, add 8 drops of Rosemary and 8 drops of Lavender. Use this on sore and tired muscles and joints, preferably earlier in the day, as Rosemary is quite stimulating and might keep you awake if you use it at night.

You can also add 10 drops of both Lavender and Rosemary, as well as Geranium to a morning bath for a good start to your day. Rosemary stimulates the brain, so don’t use in an evening bath unless you’re studying through the night, otherwise you’ll be awake all night!

A drop or two of the pure oil can be applied to the temples to relieve tension headaches and migraines.  Make a blend of Rosemary, Peppermint and Lavender, using one drop of each. Dip the tips of the fingers in this blend and rub gently into the scalp and temple area, as well as into the neck.  You could add some carrier oil, but remember you’ll end up with oily hair after.
Very good for the scalp and hair! In fact, Rosemary oil is often used in shampoos to help stimulate healthy hair growth.

A blend of Rosemary, Lavender and Cypress is very helpful for respiratory congestion and infections.  Five drops of each in 20ml of carrier oil and rubbed into the chest, onto the back and around the sinus points may prove very helpful.

Rosemary is known to increase your ability to concentrate and recall memory.  Add a few drops to a diffuser, or if you don’t have a diffuser, add a few drops to a tissue and inhale from there.  Its a great help when you’re studying!

Rosemary essential oil is available in our essential oil range. Essential to have in the home!