This scrumptious coffee and vanilla body scrub will not only invigorate your senses, but also give your skin a healthy glow and help minimize cellulite.
The Coconut oil will thoroughly moisturise your skin, leaving it soft and silky. Made with Coconut oil, Ground coffee beans, Sea salt, Vanilla oil and Grapefruit essential oil.

Coffea arabica, Cocos nucifera, Sodium chloride, Vanilla planifolia, Citrus x paradisi

Mint and Orange Foot Scrub

An energizing scrub to pamper the feet after a long day. Made with Shea Butter, Sea Salt, Peppermint essential oil, Sweet Orange Essential.

Butyrospermum parkii, Sodium chloride, Mentha piperita, Citrus sinensis

Rosemary Morning Body Scrub